Revealed: 4 secret ways to quadruple your real estate investment return today

Written by Jonathan Deane
30 March 2022

I’m hoping the following material will fundamentally change the way you view real estate and completely banish the emotional part of you that all too often dominates the investment decisions that you make. These concepts aren’t new however they are combined in a way to give you the whole picture and ignore the noise that distracts us from the truth.

I’ve been involved in real estate for more than a decade now. I started off in residential real estate investment when I was 23 years old with highly leveraged but cash flow positive low to medium income residential properties. Since then I’ve also begun working in the short term letting field (I own Manageair) and in development. I’ve studied tens of thousands of hours of material, had mentors and learnt what works from front line in the trenches experience.

This material and material to follow is without a doubt the best approach to maximising your Returns.

I’m going to compress what I’ve learnt in this material and material to follow in order to give you an easy and useable way to identify great investments and then use all the tools available in order to maximise your return.


  1. Forget about yeld, it is all about Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

  2. The more you can borrow against a property the better, provided cash flow holds up

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